News and Events

The Nambucca Valley Arts Council (NVAC) organises a number of events throughout the year. These include concerts by visiting artists, Artist of the Month exhibitions and general meetings.

2019 Art Exhibition

Our 2019 exhibition will be open from Sunday September 29 to Sunday October 6 from 09:30 to 16:30 every day except for Sunday October 6 when the exhibition closes at 13:00.

The exhibition will be officially opened at 19:00 on Saturday September 28.

Click here for more information including downloadable documents regarding entry to the exhibition.


Concerts planned for 2019 are being finalised. Provisional dates are as follows:

Saturday August 17 The Sydney Conservatorium Concert. Click here for more details.
December - tba Chatswood High School Christmas Concert

More details of these will be included as they become available.

Past Events

Please click here for details of concerts, art exhibitions and other events over the past two years.

Grand Piano

Grand PianoWe have a grand piano available for classical music concerts. It is an excellent Yamaha and is well maintained and regularly tuned. Concert pianists of the Sydney Conservatorium and visiting pianists of other orchestras have always admired the quality of pitch and tone of the piano.

The photograph shows Subin Park playing the piano during the Sydney Conservatorium annual concert tour in 2014.



Artist of the Month and Meetings

We open an exhibition of a featured Artist of the Month on the first Wednesday of most months and is celebrated with a morning tea, starting at 10.00am. On alternate (even) months the morning tea is followed by either a General Meeting, or a Committee Meeting, both starting at 11am. The dates for these events, plus other dates for members, are shown below.


Date (2019)  
June 5 10:00am: Artist of the Month (Jenni Urquhart) and morning tea.
11:00am Annual General Meeting and General Meeting.
July 3 10:00am: Artist of the Month (Coastal Screnes open to all NVAC artists) and morning tea.
August 7 10:00am: Artist of the Month (Rowena Post) and morning tea.
11:00am Committee Meeting.
September 28 to
October 6
Nambucca Valley Art Exhibition, Saturday September 28 to Sunday October 6.
October 2 10:00am: Artist of the Month (Biennial Art Exhibition winners) and morning tea.
11:00am General Meeting.
November 6 10:00am: Artist of the Month (Marie Cleland) and morning tea.
December 4 10:00am: Artist of the Month (Julie Mozsny) and morning tea.
11:00am Committee Meeting.