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Nambucca Business Listings is a website run by The Nambucca Web. It exists to provide starter websites for small business in the Nambucca Shire who do not yet need a larger stand alone website.

Why get listed?

With the increasing amount of people owning internet connected computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, a website is a great way to capture the attention of your customers. You can paint your own picture about who you are in a way that a small Yellow Pages listing cannot, and at a fraction of the cost.

The Nambucca Web received thousands of visitors every month. As a result, getting a link on The Nambucca Web will potentially help expose your business to a share of these visitors, locals or tourists in the Nambucca Valley area. If you do not have a website to link to, then a listing would not be much help to you, as listings on The Numbucca Web are designed to help drive traffic to your website.

Costs and inclusions

Your own hosted web page will include;

  • Business description including your products and services
  • Your logo
  • Up to 5 photos
  • Google map of your location
  • An email form so people can submit enquiries to you
  • A choice of several colour schemes (see samples to the right), to help match your own branding
  • A FREE link on the The Nambucca Web (if your business is located within the Nambucca Shire) worth $88 per year.

A listing such as this will cost $137.50 (lets not forget the $88 you save). For an additional $88 (for 2 years) you can also have your very own domain name (eg Interested? Contact us now by calling (02) 6699 3800 or by using the email form on the left.

Optional Extras

Here are some things you could add on to your site listing.

  • A domain name. For $88 for 2 years you could have your own domain name, such as
  • A For $55 per year you could have your own email address, such as