The Small Hall

The small hall is 13.7 metres long with a width of between 7.85 to 11.7 metres making a floor area of 130.42 square metres. This provides a capacity of 100 with tables and seating provided for 87. The hall is heated and all windows have blinds.


Entry is via a set of shop-front doors from the courtyard which is adjacent to the street and provides excellent access for the disabled. Public toilets are located immediately outside the entry.


On the left hand side there is a kitchen equipped with stove, a fridge, crockery, urn, jug, and microwave.


A double-sided mobile whiteboard (1200 x 900) is available on request.


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Booking Enquiries

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Suggested Uses

The Small Hall is ideal for meetings, education classes, and exercise classes such as yoga and tai chi.


The photographs below show the small hall and its kitchen, followed by the hall in use as an art class.


Small Hall  Small Hall Kitchen

Small Hall Art Class